Fee Management

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Another comprehensive and multifaceted segment of Eduware® which is used and admired by all types of Institutions alike. This multi-utility module serves the purpose and does much more on account of its flexibility and accuracy. Whether the Institution follows monthly system of Fee Collection (as seen mostly in schools) or collects fee against Semesters or Years (as in Colleges), Eduware® is compatible with all the methodologies. It also enables to define multiple types of Fee Structures for a class, depending upon Student’s session of admission, residency, gender, choice of subjects and so on. A user-defined system of automatic Fine Calculation takes away the pain of intricate calculations and potential mismatches. Users have control over allowing part-payments and multi-mode payments. Concession allowed, if any, to Students may be defined on the basis of several conditions in any Fee Head. Coupled with all this is a bunch of useful and insightful reports that really make the process of reconciliation, estimation and decision-making hassle-free and error-free. Automatic generation of the dues list and the ability to send SMS reminders (automatically/manually) is always helpful to ensure the timeliness of fee deposition and awareness about the financial overview. The Fee Module of Eduware® Online allows simultaneous collection of Fees through Offline and Online modes. It lets Students/Guardians pay the Fees online through the Institution’s Website or Mobile App (using number of channels like Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI etc.), and, at the same time, one can pay the Fees offline as well. Both the modes are automatically synced at every moment, and there is no need for the Institution to manually update the transactions from the bank statement in any case.

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