Examination Module

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In last 10-12 years, this particular segment of any School Management Software has seen the maximum number of changes and user feedback. And, it continues till date! In Eduware®, the Examination Module has been designed in such a way that it encompasses all methodologies of Marksheet preparation, be it of State Boards, or ICSE/ISC, or CBSE (both before and after the introduction of CCE System), or NEP (as being used in Degree Colleges currently). Since the activities related to Marksheet generation require lots of attention and error-checking, we have ensured to devise this module as much user-friendly, flexible, and auto-validating as possible. Several elementary documents like Marks-List, Statement of Marks, Marks-Table, Failures’ List, Merit List etc. work hand-in-hand with the actual process of evaluation that is carried out at an institution. Lots of options are available for customizing other documents like Marksheet (or, Report Card) so as to make them fit for the Institution’s requirements, satisfy the norms, as well as appear unique. Marksheets may be configured to show Graphical Analysis along with the usual Tabular Summary. Marksheets generated from Eduware® may be printed on a blank paper (with all static and dynamic information printed through the software only), or, on a pre-printed paper (wherein static information like School Information, Rules & Regulations etc. are pre-printed on a usually coloured and glossy paper). Several reports obtained through this module also help in analysing the performance of Teachers. Due to the large-scale changes in the process of evaluation as dictated by the educational boards over the time, the module has been designed in such a way that it can be configured by the Users themselves to adjust according to most of the future changes as well. Evaluation entered in Numbers can be converted and shown in Grades in a user-defined way. Similarly, Numbers may be scaled up or down automatically if the Weightage System is to be followed. Eduware® Online also allows the Marksheets to be viewed by the Students online.

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