About Us


Sudipto Dev

(Founder of Turning Point)

Essentially, entrepreneurship is the process of developing, organizing, and running a business to generate profit. But I think, it’s not a source of self-earning only. Entrepreneurship imparts a vital role in building a better society and powerful economy. By creating new products and services, they stimulate new employment, which ultimately results in the acceleration of economic development.

Thus, Turning Point is a journey that started as a dream since 2004 and continues to grow each day with the challenge of time. It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that Turning Point has shown tremendous progress in the field of software development over a period of time. It has been successful in developing the state of the art software solutions to meet every need of users.

I, with all my heart; hope and wish a prosperous future for Turning Point & everyone associated with.

Thank you all for helping me and my team reach the heights and take us to the stage where once there were only dreams, but now those dreams are coming true.


Abhishek Drolia

(Founder of Turning Point)

Trying not to sound philosophical, I firmly believe that a software solution becomes successful and utilizable when the development team reviews it to the best of their own criteria and are fully satisfied with it genuinely. The team should put their earnest efforts, experience and skills in crafting out something that creates new market standards, instead of churning out code to just accomplish the given task.

We extend this ideology to every aspect of Turning Point, and since starting out in 2004, we have always aimed to serve the industry and the users with the vision of mutual growth and creating a better world for the times to come.

For us, it’s not just we, the founding members, but each member of our workforce and even the people standing behind them, and every single customer of us are also the stakeholders in Turning Point who have put their belief in us.

All hopes that this relationship of trust will move from strength to strength!

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