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When a School/College Management Software is discussed, the Modules related to Fee Management and Examination Management usually get more attention. However, an Institute that actually manages a fully-functional Library that is usually abuzz with Students as well as Teachers knows well the importance of an equally fully-functional Library Module. Being an ERP Software, Eduware® includes a Library Module that is compatible with different methodologies and terminologies used for Library management and helps in managing all clerical and financial tasks of a Library. It covers purchase, categorization and numbering of Books, Journals, and other reading materials depending on certain user-defined factors. Books can be issued and returned as the case may be, and related information such as damage or loss, if any, is easily incorporated. A simple-to-use Bar Code system ensures accurate and fast searching and issuance of Books. Reports like Accession Register and Book Issuance Report aid in day-to-day running of tasks. Automatic Fine application system is also integrated in the module.

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