SMS Alerts

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Among the simplest and yet most effective means of one-way communication, the feature of SMS alerts has been serving its purpose for so long. There are numerous use-cases of SMS communication, and being highly economical and to-the-point further advocates for continuing to use this feature even when other options like In-App Notifications are also available. SMS may be sent to an individual Student or to a group of Students based on some selection criteria. SMS may also be sent to other recipients like Employees, Applicants etc. Apart from broadcasting same message to all the recipients, SMS may also be customized to convey each recipient its own message. In the course of time, the DLT compliance from the Department of Telecom has helped in minimizing the chances of sending any irrelevant or offensive message knowingly or unknowingly. Additionally, a dedicated web-panel allows sending SMS directly, adding new SMS templates, checking purchase-history and usage-history, checking and filtering delivery reports and so on.

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