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Turning Point has a rich variety of software for various fields of use and an even richer base of clientele who use them. Our software are being implemented to serve in personal use, commercial management, business logic implementation, enterprise management, providing value-added services etc. We have conceptualised solutions that serve a large number of customers who use exactly the same software that can be configured as per their specific individual needs. A few examples of this category of software developed by us are EduwareTM and Cargo Wizard that serve nearly 140 users countrywide.

We also develop custom software that are aimed to meet the very specific requirements of an individual or an organization but carry an equal level of ease and potential as other software.

Our experienced programmers develop the quality products after a detailed analysis and relevant market research. The records entered in the software remain intact with proper security measures and user-specific options and permissions integrated with the software itself. The highly flexible and customizable reports designed in the software prove to be a major aid for an administrator to monitor the overall growth of the organization and a very important tool for the operators to fetch the information sought by them in the proper format.

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