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ERP Software for Schools & Colleges

The scope of tasks to be managed through software at a School or a College is, in essence, not less than that of the software usually used by big institutions like banks, railways, hospitals etc. Still, it is sometimes considered as just another example of software designed by some programmers to maintain the data related to Students and to generate their Fee Receipts, Marksheets etc. However, there is much more to it that requires a thorough understanding of the requirements, a dedicated team of experienced developers and analysts, and years of endeavor to bring out a product that works hand-in-hand with the organization to provide it a comprehensive solution along with smart working, peace of mind, reliability, and positive feedback from the Students and Guardians in an efficient and economical way.

Eduware® justifies the term ERP as it comprises of more than 15 seamless and core modules of quality-rich working that actually define the software for Schools or Colleges. For further flexibility and cost-effectiveness, these modules don’t need to be purchased all at once; an organization may start using Eduware® with any necessary modules and pay for that only. Any other modules may be added later at any time of requirement.

This module is quite helpful to supervise the enquiries and applications for admissions. Usually, such activities are prominent for 3-4 months around the starting of a new session, but the information obtained from this module is quite insightful both for Schools as well as Colleges. While the Offline Admission Form submission is always there, the institution may also enable the Online Filling and Submission of Admission Forms through their own website in a simple and effective way. The User is always in full control over the entire admission process. The module provides summary of forms sold, graphical and tabular reports, carrying out the counselling process and so on. It also enables the applicants to secure their admission by paying the stipulated fees either online or offline.

Highly customizable segment of Eduware® that can be accustomed to Schools and Colleges of any level and affiliated to any educational board or university. Apart from maintaining a comprehensive set of information pertaining to Students, this module also generates lots of reports that are vital to an Institution for themselves as well as for answering the queries of the governing board or university, or the education department of the government.

The importance of this module has only increased with time. The ease with which technology is being used by the institutions as well as the Students/Guardians has set up a seamless and continuous flow of information such as Class-work and Home-work to and fro. In fact, it has created a better teaching and learning environment by sharing text, images, and audio-visual contents related to studies.

A very useful and convenient feature that keeps the Students/Guardians and Employees posted about various updates and alerts. Notifications are a very important means of communication. These can be multilingual and support multimedia contents as well, making it even more effective.

Apart from broadcasting of updates and alerts, a teacher or administrator may also send individual remarks for Students. During an academic session, there can be several examples where a Teacher might want to convey Guardians some comments or instructions about their ward individually. Such features also help the Guardian in focusing on specific area where the child is lagging behind.

Using this module one can feed the Attendance of Students in a smart, time-saving way and generate important reports. It also enables the Users to define holidays as and when applicable and the attendance can be marked day-wise, period-wise, or aggregate-wise. The reports generated are useful both for the Institution as well as for the Students/Guardians. Further, alerts and summaries may be sent to the absentees automatically or manually through SMS or In-app notifications.

This module is useful not just for maintaining the records of the Teaching-staff, but also to analyse and utilise them in a fruitful manner. Teachers’ qualifications play an important role while creating Time-table and while assigning them tasks in Eduware® Online. Several documentary formalities can be accomplished easily. The importance of this module lies in defining and processing of Payroll as well. Since the tasks of Time-table generation and Payroll processing are also included in Eduware® Online, the overall experience becomes quite smooth, intuitive, and streamlined when all these features are used systematically.

Developed with the vision of full-fledged software in itself, this module comprehensively governs the payroll maintenance of Teaching and Non-teaching Staff of the Institution based on the rules and regulations, as well as statutory norms, applicable therein. The user can create and define any type of pay-heads as per requirement. Features of taking into account the Full and Partial Leaves, Loans and Advances, Increments, Promotions, Arrear Calculations, Statutory Deductions etc. have been assimilated in such a way that all the complexities and cumbersome procedures related to Payroll do not haunt the Users anymore. The speed and accuracy with which all this gets done is what a finance department would cherish for. Several important Reports, Certificates, Statements, and Pay-Slip make it a complete package in itself.

With the rising concerns of safety, security, timeliness, and cost-optimization, the term Transportation is now not limited just to allocating Stops and Buses to the Students. Even at the bare minimum, it has become Fleet Management + Route Optimization + Expense Monitoring + Attendance (of the commuters). Shuffling of Bus Stops by Students and frequent changes in fuel prices which lead to corresponding change in Monthly Bus Fares only add to an Institution’s woes. With a well-directed and well-integrated Transportation Module, refurbished after due research, we address all this and more. Value additions like separate option to allow concession in Transport Fee, sending SMS and notifications to the commuters only, multiple useful reports etc. further enrich this module.

Another comprehensive and multifaceted segment of Eduware® which is used and admired by all types of Institutions alike. This multi-utility module serves the purpose and does much more on account of its flexibility and accuracy. Whether the Institution follows monthly system of Fee Collection (as seen mostly in schools) or collects fee against Semesters or Years (as in Colleges), Eduware® is compatible with all the methodologies. It also enables to define multiple types of Fee Structures for a class, depending upon Student’s session of admission, residency, gender, choice of subjects and so on. A user-defined system of automatic Fine Calculation takes away the pain of intricate calculations and potential mismatches. Users have control over allowing part-payments and multi-mode payments. Concession allowed, if any, to Students may be defined on the basis of several conditions in any Fee Head. Coupled with all this is a bunch of useful and insightful reports that really make the process of reconciliation, estimation and decision-making hassle-free and error-free.

Automatic generation of the dues list and the ability to send SMS reminders (automatically/manually) is always helpful to ensure the timeliness of fee deposition and awareness about the financial overview.

The Fee Module of Eduware® Online allows simultaneous collection of Fees through Offline and Online modes. It lets Students/Guardians pay the Fees online through the Institution’s Website or Mobile App (using number of channels like Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI etc.), and, at the same time, one can pay the Fees offline as well. Both the modes are automatically synced at every moment, and there is no need for the Institution to manually update the transactions from the bank statement in any case.

In last 10-12 years, this particular segment of any School Management Software has seen the maximum number of changes and user feedback. And, it continues till date! In Eduware®, the Examination Module has been designed in such a way that it encompasses all methodologies of Marksheet preparation, be it of State Boards, or ICSE/ISC, or CBSE (both before and after the introduction of CCE System), or NEP (as being used in Degree Colleges currently). Since the activities related to Marksheet generation require lots of attention and error-checking, we have ensured to devise this module as much user-friendly, flexible, and auto-validating as possible.

Several elementary documents like Marks-List, Statement of Marks, Marks-Table, Failures’ List, Merit List etc. work hand-in-hand with the actual process of evaluation that is carried out at an institution. Lots of options are available for customizing other documents like Marksheet (or, Report Card) so as to make them fit for the Institution’s requirements, satisfy the norms, as well as appear unique. Marksheets may be configured to show Graphical Analysis along with the usual Tabular Summary. Marksheets generated from Eduware® may be printed on a blank paper (with all static and dynamic information printed through the software only), or, on a pre-printed paper (wherein static information like School Information, Rules & Regulations etc. are pre-printed on a usually coloured and glossy paper).

Several reports obtained through this module also help in analysing the performance of Teachers.

Due to the large-scale changes in the process of evaluation as dictated by the educational boards over the time, the module has been designed in such a way that it can be configured by the Users themselves to adjust according to most of the future changes as well. Evaluation entered in Numbers can be converted and shown in Grades in a user-defined way. Similarly, Numbers may be scaled up or down automatically if the Weightage System is to be followed. Eduware® Online also allows the Marksheets to be viewed by the Students online.

Among the simplest and yet most effective means of one-way communication, the feature of SMS alerts has been serving its purpose for so long. There are numerous use-cases of SMS communication, and being highly economical and to-the-point further advocates for continuing to use this feature even when other options like In-App Notifications are also available. SMS may be sent to an individual Student or to a group of Students based on some selection criteria. SMS may also be sent to other recipients like Employees, Applicants etc. Apart from broadcasting same message to all the recipients, SMS may also be customized to convey each recipient its own message.

In the course of time, the DLT compliance from the Department of Telecom has helped in minimizing the chances of sending any irrelevant or offensive message knowingly or unknowingly. Additionally, a dedicated web-panel allows sending SMS directly, adding new SMS templates, checking purchase-history and usage-history, checking and filtering delivery reports and so on.

When a School/College Management Software is discussed, the Modules related to Fee Management and Examination Management usually get more attention. However, an Institute that actually manages a fully-functional Library that is usually abuzz with Students as well as Teachers knows well the importance of an equally fully-functional Library Module.

Being an ERP Software, Eduware® includes a Library Module that is compatible with different methodologies and terminologies used for Library management and helps in managing all clerical and financial tasks of a Library. It covers purchase, categorization and numbering of Books, Journals, and other reading materials depending on certain user-defined factors. Books can be issued and returned as the case may be, and related information such as damage or loss, if any, is easily incorporated. A simple-to-use Bar Code system ensures accurate and fast searching and issuance of Books. Reports like Accession Register and Book Issuance Report aid in day-to-day running of tasks. Automatic Fine application system is also integrated in the module.

Though Online Exams have been used as a utility feature for so long mostly by coaching institutes, the period of Covid-19 and lockdowns made its importance felt very strongly by almost all types of Educational Institutes across the globe. Turning Point had already developed the feature of conducting online exams for coaching institutes much before the advent of Covid-19.

In Eduware® Online, we integrated all the provisions of conducting and processing Online Exams in such an easy, versatile and flexible manner that Users find it very useful even now. Users can set Question Papers in any language, define types of Questions (such as Objective, Subjective etc.), define marking pattern, and automatically evaluate the answers (in Numbers and/or Grades) based upon the configured settings. The Users may choose to publish the results as well as the correct answers to the Students for verification and self-assessment.

If the Fee Module ensures crystal clear management of Fees and finances, and the Examination Module is meant for high-precision and fast processing of Students’ evaluation, then the Timetable Module makes life easier for those who put lots and lots of time and brainstorming in devising a perfect Timetable that must satisfy a large number of stringent conditions to make sure that

  • All Teachers have been utilized uniformly and efficiently within their availability bracket.
  • All Classes get their share of Theory Periods, Laboratory Periods, Free Periods, and periods for Games, Library etc.
  • The periods are allocated logically, and not just randomly. (For example, if Physics Lab is of 2 periods then those periods must not overlap the Intermission. Or, Free Periods, if any, should be assigned only towards the end of the day.)
  • The Timetable is generated with different possible set of conditions for different classes. (For example, the junior Classes can have lesser number of periods and lesser number of weekdays than the senior ones.)
  • In senior Classes having multiple Optional Subjects, the Subjects are arranged according to the criteria of Concurrency, i.e., only mutually exclusive Subjects can be assigned the same period within a Class.
  • In case of absence of a Teacher, the most appropriate Substitute Teacher is picked in order of relevance and availability.

Further, the Timetable generation process also notifies the User of any logical inconsistencies, such as over-assignment of Teachers or Classes, under-assignment of Subjects or Classes, insufficient availability of Teachers when compared to Classes and Subjects. Also, depending upon whether the number of Classes, Subjects, and Teachers is large or small, Eduware® Online offers 2 modes of Timetable generation that gives further flexibility to the Institution to adopt a Timetable that suits them more.

At any organization, and not just educational ones, it is very important to maintain and track the incomes and expenses. In case of the Schools and Colleges using Eduware® Online, the core part of Income is already comprehensively covered under the Fee Module and a substantial part of Expenses, which is usually comprised of Salaries, is covered under the Staff & Payroll Module. However, practically, there could be other sources of income for an educational institute such as donations, financial aids, miscellaneous events that also raise funds and so on. And, when it comes to expenses, there are a lot more items in the list, for example, repairs & maintenances, constructions, various types of purchases, utility bills etc. So, having a dedicated module for recording all other types of Incomes and Expenses is quite helpful in maintaining a seamless and flawless chart of inflow and outflow of money, planning & foreseeing a budget, and generating some very vital accounting reports.

It also aims to eliminate the need of separate, unconnected accounting software to serve the same purpose. Most commonly available accounting software require re-entering the summaries of fee collections and outstanding, salary payments, loans, advances etc. which, in itself, is very error prone and time consuming. Additionally, in case of any corrections or modifications in such entries in Eduware® Online, the corresponding entries in the separate accounting software need to be searched out and rectified, and verified all over again.

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The practical advantages

How will Turning Point and Eduware® be helpful for my Institute?

With an experience of almost 20 years in carving out a comprehensive, multi-utility software for educational institutes, we intend to provide our customers with a software that has been developed with an ideology of putting the Users first, and by devoting sufficient time, skills, and experience while making the optimum use of technology.

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Perhaps the most valuable asset of our software, Reports are what make Eduware® truly lovable and dependable

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Speed-optimized Eduware® processes data of tens of thousands of Students maintained over dozens of years with efficiency and accuracy

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Our dedicated and prompt support assures resolution of any issues and answering of training-related queries quickly

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If you have been using another software for recordkeeping, we can migrate the Students’ data into Eduware® to provide you a perfect start

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User Friendly

Our 700+ satisfied users are a testimony to it

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Offline or online, both the versions of Eduware® are secure and reliable with ample of options related to Users’ permissions and restrictions

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Multiple modes of editing, fee collection, marks entry, multiple formats of TCs, Mark sheets and other reports etc. ensure that you enjoy Eduware® multiple times

Mobile Apps

For Students, Teachers, and Admins

For an even richer, closer and more personal experience, please download our Mobile App from Google Play Store. Having an app reduces several hassles and provides a more convenient and featureful usage.

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Eduware® is not just a commercial entity for us; it’s the continuous maintenance and perfection of a relationship as well.

To ensure this, we keep our customers worry-free regarding changes introduced by the governing bodies, i.e., Boards and Universities. It has become a trend that CBSE and other educational boards, and even the Universities keep experimenting with different evaluation patterns and different layouts of Marksheets for various reasons. Similarly, other documents like Transfer Certificates etc. too witness the change of times. With Turning Point, you are all covered. We keep updating Eduware® to ensure that our Users are always in sync with the latest norms and guidelines prescribed.

With Eduware®, it's not just about the mention of big, complex modules. It’s more about the big and small functionalities, utilities, smart and convenient options that are ingrained all over Eduware®. Features like automatic SMS, email, notifications ensure the all-round flow of relevant information. Features of creating/disabling and managing the permissions to Users add another dimension in having a fine-grained control over the Software’s administration. Eduware® Online also includes an Admin App which is useful for Admins, Teachers, as well as other operators. Having an equally featured mobile app ensures all the functionalities and conveniences just at an arm’s length!

Being data-centric, Eduware® gives proper space and layout for the well-defined and imposing display of data in its different parts. Apart from the numerous reports, the Dashboard of Eduware® Online is one such prominent place where the highly summarized and suitably transformed data from almost all the modules is shown in form of multiple widgets. This powers the Users, especially the Administrator, to have a glance over the most important aspects of the organization without having to click anywhere even once.

Being data-centric, Eduware® gives proper space and layout for the well-defined and imposing display of data in its different parts. Apart from the numerous reports, the Dashboard of Eduware® Online is one such prominent place where the highly summarized and suitably transformed data from almost all the modules is shown in form of multiple widgets. This powers the Users, especially the Administrator, to have a glance over the most important aspects of the organization without having to click anywhere even once.